The Process :: Installment Two

So you’ve organized your wool/yarn into colours and you have worked round one of your chosen motif, whether that be a basic granny square, a hexagon or circle.

I’m coining this technique the ‘colour carousel’. We are going to work clockwise in selecting the colours, for each round of our motifs.

I’ve decided to start with the purples, it doesn’t really matter where you jump on the carousel at, just pick a colour and get started.

Place your five motifs from the previous post in front of you. Select one and scan it across your purples. Is there one purple that jumps out and clicks? If there is then work round two. If there isn’t don’t worry, place that motif back in the pile and select the next motif, and scan, continue with this process for the remaining motifs.

If you look at the second photo in this post you’ll notice that I only selected 3 out of my 5 motifs to work the second round from the purple section, that’s OK, I’m going to move onto the blue section now, motifs will progress at their own pace with this technique, eventually as you work your way around the colour carousel, rounds will be added to your motif’s and all of your motif’s will be individual.

So I scan the blues and only select 2 of my motifs to add blue too, refer to the third photo in this post.

Moving into the greens I select two motifs and work another round, and if you notice with the first motif in the last photo I actually worked two rounds from the green section.

There are many theories on colour out there, and some colours do ‘sit’ better with others, but I recommend following your heart and if you find a colour combination aesthetically pleasing to your eye, then go for it and don’t look back!

Keep working your way around the colour carousel. I’ll post the progress of my 5 motifs tomorrow.


4 Comments on “The Process :: Installment Two

  1. Great series Sarah! The colour choices grow organically yet there is a structured system in place at the same time. Nice!

  2. I love your creations :-)))
    I’m looking for color bright colors yarn but I can’t find this in France.
    Please, do you have any suggestion ?

  3. Your color choices are wonderful!!!! I love your banner too. Great work.

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