I love the colours of Susan Bates crochet hooks.

What’s your favorite brand when it comes to crochet hooks, do you have a favorite?


14 Comments on “Silvalume

  1. Hello,
    I love Susan Bates to,,and I have many some sizes I have 2 of them,,,

  2. Hi – I actually prefer the Susan Bates hooks you’ve shown but for some reason they are hard for me to find. The yarn doesn’t come off these hooks when I am pulling through loops and the metal is nice & sturdy…I had a plastic version break partway through a project and that was not fun…I guess I use too much pressure.

  3. Wops! I didn’t even realise there were different brands….but looking at these ones I can say that I quite like the idea of crocheting with colourful hooks.
    By the way, I loooove that blanket to be!

  4. I’ll pretty much use any crochet hook. I too like the ones that are colorful, plus they help me remember sizes by just glancing at the color. The ones that are easiest on my hands are the Clover ones with the special handles, but oddly enough I tend to use them the least.

  5. I love the Susan Bates crochet hooks as well. The colors are wonderful for me and my mom. My mother has a hard time seeing the size of the hook so she remembers them by color. The metal ones are also better in case you have a dog who enjoys chewing on them. Trust me on this, I learned the hard way with plastic hooks and a chihuahua named Minnie.

  6. The Susan Bates Silvalumes are my favorites. I must have at least 40 or so hooks of those, quite a few of them were my grandmothers and they were given to me when she passed on.

  7. Hi, Sarah:

    I too adore the Susan Bates hooks. I prefer the pastels to the brighter colors, but there’s really just something about the angle of the hook itself. I have used the Boye hooks, but the hook is too long at the tip, or something, and it completely throws off my stitching.

  8. I’ve never seen different brands of crochet hooks in shops in the UK! I just have plain grey boring ones, apart from my one Clover soft touch hook. Some of my larger hooks are plastic which I hate the feel of – they just aren’t heavy enough! I’d love to have something a bit jazzier – intricately carved wood or a flowery polymer clay handle!

  9. So beautiful! I didn’t know them but now I’m willing to buy the purple and the green one~

  10. Those are so pretty! I mainly use Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks and love them (I have arthritic hands, so they’re especially good for me) but when I need a big hook I currently use bamboo. They are okay, but I reckon these Susan Bates ones may be going to find their way into my house one day soon as an alternative.

  11. oooh these colourful hooks reminds of those metal cups that, in the 70’s, every stylish mum worth their weight in tang (but my mum) seemed to own!!! fun….

  12. Susan Bates! Definitely! I hate the plastic ones. I’ve had so many break on me in mid-stitch. And I like the colors too!

    I just found your Hawaiian Flowers pattern. Thanks for sharing! I love it!

  13. I am an Addi hooks addict! There seems to only be 2 types of heads on the hook, cut or shaped, and I prefer the shaped heads but I also roll the hook a bit in my hand when I form the stitches so the flat thumb rest drives my crazy. The Addi’s have everything I love and pretty colors too 🙂

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