grocery tote

I jazzed up a plain brown grocery tote the other day with a burst of colourful crochet! Here’s how,

Firstly, purchase a plain tote, available from Coles supermarkets in Australia. 

Secondly, hook up a panel of colourful crochet. Ensure that you’ve commenced with enough chain so that the crocheted panel will fit around the circumference of the tote. Continue crocheting until you have worked enough rows to cover the height of the tote.

Thirdly, weave in the ends and then join the crocheted panel into a tube.

Lastly, slip the crocheted panel over the tote and attach the panel to the tote along the top and bottom edges.


22 Comments on “grocery tote

  1. Hi Sarah what a great idea you are very clever. How can you forget to take that to the supermarket. Take care Carol

  2. that is a good idea – much nicer than the standard green bag

  3. Sarah!
    Your tote is beautiful. I’ve been doing the same thing, but with granny squares! I’ve covered a local store’s, Trader Joe’s, circular tote bag, after turning the bag inside out so that the store logos and cool plastic design form the lining!

    Read about it here:

  4. Hello to you from New York.

    I absolutely love all your posts, and have visited your site many times. Thought it was time to actually let you know how inspiring your ideas are.

    (I also want to thank Lucy of Attic24 for leading me to you.)

    Now, I will have to get out my crochet hooks and try some of those petals.


  5. Oh what a great idea!! What stitch did you use? Looks unusual.

  6. Do you have any idea where to find those gorgeous linen grocery bags online or worldwide?
    I would be interested in purchasing some but live in Belgium so Australia is just a tiny bit out of reach ; )

    Thanks in advance for letting me know


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  8. Could you please add instructions on how to crochet that kind of panel, or else direct me to some place with that kind of “stitch”. Or at least the name of it, so I can look for it. Your idea is Awsome. Thanks for sharing.
    Selma Vural (in FB) has some inspiring photos too.

  9. Just saw this on Pinterest! (April 28, 2012) and all comments are from ’09. I traced it back to you. Just wanted to let you know it was still going. Great idea! I cut up plastic bags and crochet them into bags to recycle, but this is a pretty way to use up yarn scraps!

  10. What a lovely idea. Makes shopping fun. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I founded here via pinterest too, and wanted to let you know that this bag is just amazing! I can’t crochet at all unfortunately but I love the idea!

    Many sunny greetings from Finland!


  12. This looks like a great way to use up some scraps! Thanks so much for sharing your idea 🙂

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