rosy posy pillow

The tri-colour roses from yesterday transformed into one cheery cushion today. It’s singing with colour, initially I began trimming it with apple green but after a few dc’s I changed my mind and opted for lilac instead. 

Suzanne this is the apple green I was telling you about, it’s very granny smith don’t you think!


16 Comments on “rosy posy pillow

  1. thank you so much for your comment! your pillows are so lovely!!! I’ve been wanting to try the little flowers, but i have a slew of project started & not finished! and I love the green apple.

  2. Sarah, I love, love, love your sense of colour, it makes me want to dance with joy! Everything you do is beautiful, and as a recent arrival to your blog, it’s been the most wonderful discovery for me. You’re an inspiration!
    Vanessa x (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Hello! What a gorgeous blog you’ve got! Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment in mine, so I could find my way here!

  4. Yes I have to agree with Vanessa, your sense of colour is brilliant. You use some colours that I would either steer away from or not know how to use so I think you are incredibly talented to be able to identify colour combinations the way you do. Your cushions are divine

  5. What a wonderful cushion, so lovely, colorful and pretty, it’s just perfect !


  6. Oh, this is so beautiful. You use colours that I would not choose, but when you use them, I look at them in a totally new way. You have a talent for co-ordinating them in a totally beautiful way.

    The cushion is just beautiful, and has its own personality.

  7. You are converting me to your happy, bright, singing colours. Because that is what they do. Make me happy!!!!!

  8. PS

    This is my third post in a row. Sorry I keep forgetting to add.

    Would love to know how to make these lovelies (roses) and ‘joining grannies as you go’.

  9. your blog is trouly brighten up my day with all this colors and beautiful pictures. WOW!

  10. Great cushion Sarah! I am hoping to make a whole lot of crocheted cushions now (gradually though, not all at once)! I am curious though – how do you back them? Do you do a crocheted back and crochet it to the front? Or do you do a fabric back then hand (or machine) sew the front onto it? I’m really unsure as to how I should go about finishing them off. Thanks in anticipation!

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