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I know a lot of you have been eagerly waiting to hear about the Hip to Hook crochet circle, so without further ado…

The Hip to Hook crochet circle begins for 2009 this month. Now that Autumn has arrived it’s time to get out our crochet hooks + yarn and start hooking.

If you’ve never crocheted before, if you’ve just starting out or even if you’ve been crocheting for years, everyone is welcome to join.

Membership is $19 AUD per month for Australian residents and $22 AUD per month for International residents.

Within the second week of every month you’ll find in your mailbox a special parcel containing…

* One, two or even three balls of colourful yarn.

(8 ply 100% wool + 8 ply 100% acrylic, it’s all about the colour)

* Instructions for the Motif of the month.

(crochet duplicate motifs for a cushion or blanket)

* Instructions for the Stitch of the month.

(progressively continue in rows for a cushion or blanket)

* Tips + Techniques

(discussing terminology, tools, joining motifs, textured stitches, shells, rosettes, chevrons and the like…)

* The Hip to Hook network newsletter.

Questions + Answers

Membership is monthly, it’s not necessary to sign your life away. Memberships are open at the beginning of every month. Payment must be made within the first week of the month to ensure your parcel will arrive the following week.

How do I join?

Email sarahlondontextiles@gmail.com with your name, postal address, contact telephone number and if you blog, your blog address.

Within 24 hours we will email a pay pal invoice to you for the month of March.

Once payment has been received we will email you to confirm your March membership.

Are other forms of payment accepted?

Absolutely, if you prefer payment may be made via credit card, direct deposit, cheque and money order.

Please advise which method works for you.

Can I request membership for the whole year?

Absolutely, you may request and authorize payment where your nominated credit card will be charged at the beginning of every month if you’d like.

* * * March memberships will close on Sunday 8th March * * *

8 Comments on “hip to hook

  1. oh!!! i would love so… but, i’m not sure to understand everything… my english is not good enough =(

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  6. Do you accept members from Singapore? I’d love to try your granny squares. By the way, the lite gray font in this site is very very light on my powerbook, could be a bit darker as it’s hard to read.

  7. I love your crocket, The colours are exceptional and very catching to the eye . I loved your writeup in the latest Jnside crochet No 11. Congratulations. I,m very ignorant on the computer but would love to join yourclub not sure how to pay. Manny thanks Marie Salemi.

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