the olive tree market

Here’s a few snap shots of our stall at The Olive Tree Markets. We had a lovely day, met some lovely talented people, had mexican for lunch and survived the extreme heat of the day. Next market day is the 7th March, we’ll be there!

Next week is The Craft & Quilt Fair, 20 – 22th, we set up our stand on thursday the 19th, so basically there’s  just  a week to have everything done, sewing samples, writing up patterns, printing, cutting fabric etc etc.

We will be donating a percentage of our sales from The Craft & Quilt Fair to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfires Appeal.  It is with disbelief that I listen to news reports, reporting on the sheer horror…


6 Comments on “the olive tree market

  1. gorgeous items.
    i missed them last weekend will have to go next time.
    your lucky to have a spot there, i asked months ago but its been booked out eversince.

    and you are so generous to donate procedes, ill buy extra from you guys to help support them more also 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Your photos look fantastic. It was great to meet you at the markets. See you in March. Good luck at the quilt and craft fair. Your quilts are divine.

  3. Oh, everything looks stunning! The color combinations are brilliant! I had a moments tinge of excitement that I could actually go to the next fair, but my flight out of Sydney is on the 7th. Guess I will just have to wait till you start selling things on line 😉 Good luck getting everything organized, it all looks amazing!

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