9 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. your site always amazes me ! such lovely ideas and patterns. thank you for sharing with the crochet community !

  2. Sarah, I was a little late getting started with the Oblong wool eater blanket. I see the pattern for the square but not the oblong, I’ve looked everywhere. Is it too late to get the pattern?
    Also, do you have a technique you can share on how to connect the squares if you are making granny squares. Love your site and your work, so bright and cheerful.


  3. I’m in the USA. How can I obtain a copy of this SIMPLY CROCHET issue? I have to have one! Thanks.

  4. Just found your page tonight! You have many exciting patterns I can’t wait to try out! :-) Thank You for Sharing!


  5. I love the selvage star idea. I would like to make a large queen size star quilt an I’m wanting to use your technique. Have you had anyone else ask about that? Or do you think it might not work? I was really curious about dimensions or how you came up with yours, an if its possible.

  6. trying to follow along with the CAL, but I just started and am playing catch up…I am on my first motif, but am unsure if your instructions are in UK or American because I got up to the second round as far as chain 2, after that I am not sure how to get 12 dtr around the previous round

  7. Dear Sarah London,
    …your Mandalas are sooo beautiful…ohhhh your colourwork are so great!
    A new beautiful pattern is born!
    Today i bought the pattern and I am looking forward to it…as soon as I get it I’m starting…
    Send greetings from Germany,

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