Happy Thanksgiving


A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I’m hoping that my American friends have spent a wonderful day with family and friends, feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie!

It’s the time of the year, when we pause and focus on all the things we are thankful for in our lives.

I’m so very thankful for your continual love of my crochet patterns and of course my book, Granny Square Love. Earlier this year it was translated into 5 other languages, without your support that would not have happened . . . . so thank you!!

I’m a big believer of giving back . . . so I’ve decided to do up a nice little ‘thank you’ parcel for one very special reader! Simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving and the random number generator will select one lucky person to receive a parcel full of yarn and hooks from me!

Also I think it’s time to have a PDF pattern party!

You all know how it works . . .

10 for $10, 20 for $20, 30 for $30!

1. Browse the patterns page.

2. Email me with your selections.

3. A Paypal invoice will be sent to you.

4. Watch as your PDF Patterns are delivered direct to your inbox!


Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!



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51 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I’m thankful for God’s saving grace, healthy children, the family I have left here on earth, love, my wonderful bloggy friends and so many other things. Oh and a belly full of turkey and peacan pie. Yummy!!

  2. I’m grateful for my family and friends. Some bumps in the road have been made much better because of their love and support.
    Thank you for the chance. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am thankful for you tube and blogs like yours, because without them I would still be in the dark about crochet. The internet in general, have you seen the stuff out there? Just awesome! So thankyou. :-)

  4. There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for that I am not sure where to begin. I am thankful for my loving husband, my parents, my husband’s parents, my two boys, our jobs that we have, our fellow church members, loving neighbors, etcetera , etcetera. I am thankful for my life and the days for which I have been given, the crochet talent I have on loan from God and the fact that I can share it with others. I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! :)
    Lee Ann H
    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog
    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Website (crochet names and rosary patterns)

  5. I am thankful for my family and my ability to decorate my home with handmade crafts – we are on a budget here!!

  6. Although I am not an American, I would like to wish our neighbors in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am very thankful to have something to read and learn from all your interesting blogs; I enjoy your blog and the comments that come with it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas

  7. happy thanksgiving american friends! i agree with all the previous readers – i have health, family and friends to be thankful for… however specifically today, after a very sleepless night, i am thankful for toddler daytime naps, chocolate, green tea and diet coke :) i’m hoping soon i will be once again able to be thankful for the time to crochet – right now, it’s back to the books whilst the littlest one sleeps :)

  8. I am thankful for my family, health and happiness and being in the postion to knit/crochet things to give to the less fortunate I am thankful I can afford the yarn and make money donations to help these people

  9. I’m thankful that life gave me a second chance at love, with a wonderful man that I have been with for a year now. I am truly blessed!

  10. I am thankful for the cure from cancer which the Lord gave me, for the love and fellowship of my loved ones, for wonderful people such as you who have free patterns for those of us who are seldom able to buy them, and most of all for the love and fellowship of my wonderful GOD!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah. Thank you for everything you share with your readers. I started reading your blog in 2009 when I was off work undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Three years down the line now and all seems to be going well. I am so thankful to all the amazing French doctors who are still taking care of me today. During my time at home I started learning to crochet and have discovered a most enjoyable craft.

  12. Having read everyone’s comments, and finding myself grateful for most of the above, I looked out the window thinking “What else am I grateful for?” and all the beautiful trees that I was gazing at came to the forefront. I am very grateful for all the glorious trees we have had the wonderful opportunity to plant and watch grow.

  13. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, most of all, my family. I wish happiness and good health to all. Sarah, I have your Granny Love book and I LOVE IT!!.

  14. I’m thankfull for having the best man on earth for me to love me and to help and support me in my bad times. And having a great sister to shop and have fun and my parents, would not want to miss them, they help me all the time and i love to come by and have tea. And think of those little moments that bring you joy! Happy thanksgiving!

  15. My 8 month old daughter has a congenital condition which was only identified yesterday; we now know that she will have a normal life expectancy and live a normal life, for which I (and her dad and two sisters!) are thankful beyond measure! I’m also very thankful that lovely people like you are so generous with your wonderful crochet skills :-)

  16. I am thankfull of my kids, who are the joy of my life. And for the internet, which gives me all the world on an Ipad :)

  17. I am thankful for my family, our good health, the fun we have together, the way we are there for each other, for the pure pleasure of crocheting, for the gorgeous comfort and colors of yarn that are available to us, for the crochet community, for the internet which allows us such amazing access, for my job and all it provides and for all our many blessings. Thank you, Sarah.

  18. Hi Sarah, living in a peaceful country is something I’m grateful for, especially as each day on the news we see poor people subject to terrible unrest in their country.

  19. I am thankful to have the use of my arms and legs, to have vision and hearing, to have the ability to sing, make things and laugh…….. My husband just informed me that HE is thankful that I’m a great cook lol

  20. This year I am thankful for simply being alive, reconnecting with my family and having the opportunity to say a final goodbye to my dearest grandmother, the matriarch of our family, making new friends, being able to enjoy watching my children grow and reach out into the world, feeling how everything is connected, experiencing my own personality evolving and maturing, being able to overcome most fears and live a more fulfilling live, the list just goes on and on and yet I have so much more to be thankful for!

  21. I am thankful for the miracle of life, mine and others. For shelter over my head and food on the table. Family and friends. health and happiness.

  22. I am thankful for my family’s good health, and new work opportunities for my DH. It has been a stressful time for us and everything is suddenly working out.

  23. I’m thankful that I’m able to connect with so many international bloggers (who recognize holidays that aren’t their own!). I see I’m not the first person to be grateful for the internet–but how was it possible before, to connect with so many people from so far away who share your passion? I would be a very lonely crocheter indeed.

  24. I’m thankful for the years I had with my mother. She taught me so much, but most of all she taught me how to be a great mum to my own children. I wish she was still with us so that I could thank her.

  25. I have seen many post lately on so much thankfulness and love reading it all. Warms my heart. The thing I have to say that rounds it all up for me is everyday I wake up roll out of bed and put my tootsies on the floor is a day I am thankful for, so for me…I am thankful to BE here in this minute.

  26. I’m thankful for all the experiences of life and the knowledge I have acquired my wisdom!

  27. I am so thankful for many things, my family, my pets, and a warm home and food to eat. I am also very thankful for the my grandmother (who has long since passed) for teaching me the basics of crochet 50 years ago. It has been a wonderful hobby throughout my whole life. I pray that someday I will have a granddaughter that I can do the same.

  28. I am so thankful that I got to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and new brother-in-law. It was wonderful to spend the day with the whole family!

  29. A bit late but I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving.
    I’m thankful for a healthy family, food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over my head.

  30. I’m thankful for my family and friends. And everyday I think I am lucky to find the man that I live with. I’m thankful that I started crochet and even earn some money from that. And I am thankful that I found your blog!! Following this and watching the nice photos make you happy!!! =)

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