Wool-Eater CAL 2012

Effective, textured, an absolute show-stopper the Wool-Eater has become a favourite among many! Over on Ravelry 488 Wool-Eater projects have been made from 1572 queues! Have you had it queued with ‘must hook one-day’ . . . well, 2012 is the year!

Everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, everyone, is invited to join in the Wool-Eater CAL for 2012 which will kick off on Wednesday, 11th of January!

We will all hook along together, providing support and encouragement to each other as we crochet each round! You might be agonizing over the next colour to use for the following round, ask and we’ll all chime in with suggestions! Maybe you’re finding the stitch technique a little daunting to begin with, don’t, take a breath and ask for assistance, it really is an easy rhythmic pattern, after a few rounds you’ll find it to be an extremely relaxing blanket to hook.

Be warned! The Wool-Eater is fittingly named. Munch, munch, munch . . . it consumes a lot of yarn! In saying that, it is a fab blanket for using up all the oddments of yarn from your stash. It has that WOW-factor about it and definitely worth every ounce of yarn consumed.

OK, so you’re eager to start, here’s the details:

  • Wool-Eater Wednesday will be the day officially declared to share your progress. I’ll be blogging my progress every Wednesday. Please ensure to a leave a link in the comment section of that post if you’ve blogged your progress also. Of course we’ll all be uploading our pics to the Flickr group along the way.
  • Is there a deadline . . . work at your own pace, we have a whole brand new year ahead of us. It is not a race to the finish line. I have set out a schedule below which I’ll be aiming to adhere to, but let me tell you, I definitely won’t be losing any sleep if I only find the time to work 1 round on any particular week.


NOTE: 1 Round (as mentioned above) = 2 actual physical rounds (I like to end on a ‘scallop’ round)

You may decide to stop upon completion of the 14th round and that will be perfectly fine. We will all be utilizing our blankets differently and required dimensions will vary. Me, I’ll be hooking a JUMBO one for Winter!

Mission for the week ahead:

  • Sign up! Simply leave a comment on this post so that we know you’re IN!
  • If you like, you can snag the ‘poster’ above and display it on your blog.
  • Pop over to Flickr and join the group.
  • Print out the FREE Wool-Eater instructions which you’ll find here!
  • Gather your supplies, basically all you’ll require is a crochet hook, sized to correspond to the yarn you’ll be using, a pair of scissors, a yarn needle for weaving in the ends as.we.go and of course YARN!

I find it’s NOT necessary to have a billion balls of yarn piled high to begin this project – a few balls to get started, that’s all. Let it develop!

Let the creativity flow!

I’m off now to think about colours!

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225 thoughts on “Wool-Eater CAL 2012

  1. Well, to tell the truth, i have been dreaming on this blanket for a few months now! so, i don’t know just now about the colours it’ll be but you can count me on this project that will bring my dream to reality (and to be broke ! )(plus i’ll get a chance to improve my english!)
    I’ll talk about it on my blog and will subscribe to the flicker group
    Thanks to you for this nice idea!

  2. I’d love to join in!! This will be fun! Plus, my husband will be so glad I’ll be using up some stash. It’s starting to take over the house! ;)

  3. I’ll definitely be there on the 11th!!! May not manage to work to your schedule Sarah but I’ll give it my best shot!!! xxx

  4. Well, I haven’t had any New Year’s Goals to this point, but this one seems like a great fun project for the year! I’m in! Guess I better go join the Flickr group now….:)

  5. I’m going to try it! It is such a beautiful blanket. I’m not sure I can follow the timeline with my work schedule, but I can’t wait to start it!

  6. I was really interested to see this as I have just made a blanket for a new baby in this particular stitch (Bavarian crochet) and used white, lemon, lavender, pale pink and pale green. I must say I was delighted with the end product as was my daughter.

    I read with great interest all of your articles – thank you.

  7. (hope this doesn’t post twice; my comp froze!)

    I am totally in. One of my goals this year is to work out of my stash of awesome yarns. This seems like a perfect project! Sign me up! :D

  8. I have never joined a CAL before this, and I think that I’m going to take part in this one. The wool eater is a lovely blanket and so different from the other afghans that I’ve made. I’m going to mull it over for the next week, but after seeing the lovely examples in the Flickr group pool, I think that I am hopelessly in love.

  9. Do you have to use wool or could you use any other yarn? What type of yarn do you use?
    Sounds like an interesting project.

  10. I’m joining the club..lol………wool-eater……..I want to sugest that we could make mini-clubs with our languages.For exemple,although I live in USA i’m portuguese, so I could be changing ideias with other ones that speak my language…What you think Sarah?
    Happy New Year for you..and my God bless you this year like He did in 2011.

  11. I would love to join, may be a bit slow as already committed to loads of other KAL/CALs but I have a huge stash of yarn that needs eating!
    Are you going to have anythng on Ravelry as well?

  12. I’m in! I had just started thinking about blanket projects that would use up all of those odd balls of yarn, what a great pattern for it.

  13. Count me in too! It’s freeeeeeezing cold in New York and snowing, so what’s better than to crochet by the fire! :) And I love this pattern, have been wanting to make another with it.


  14. This is fantastic…I just received my copy of “Learn to do Bavarian Crochet” yesterday and already started a hat for my daughter. A crochet-a-long sounds like much more fun than going it alone here in the Arizona desert where the nights can get quite cool!


  15. Gigantic! Love it! I’m in….
    I will be displaying also my progress on my blog too.
    I am now looking for some nice colours…..
    Everyone, lots of, lots of luck and happiness!
    Lovely crochet regards XXX

  16. I’m ready to give it a go! This will give me motivation to find time to crochet while sitting at home with my new baby! :)

  17. I’m in…the most fun I will have with mine is that I have such a mish-mosh of colors in my stash that it will be an ugly gorgeous blanket!!! Can’t wait to see what I pull out of the bins and get used up!!! Happy hooking all!

  18. I’m in! I’m not sure that I will be able to keep up, but I’m going to try :) Now to choose a few colors to start with.

  19. I have long wanted to do a Wool-eater blanket, I am totally in. Now if I can just decide on some colors. Hmmmmmmmm, it has to have purple! :)

  20. I am so in! I am excited! Want to use all the stash that I have lying around. Let’s see if I can do it without buying any more. This is going to be fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. I’m thinking about doing this in cotton because wool is not needed in my part of the world (North Carolina USA). Can’t wait to get started! Thanks for sharing your pattern and your expertise!

  22. Oh I’ll jump in. I have a lot of little balls of yarn that were donated to me for project linus blankets. I’ll make wool-eater blankets to donate.

  23. Oke, count me in. I was working on a wooleater (by me known as Bavarian Chrochet) last weekend, just to try it. So I got familiar with the pattern. I have a small stash of acrylic yarn. If I’m running out it won’t be too expensive to get more.

  24. I have already bought the wool and will give it a try tomorrow with starting with the wool eater blanket. I think it is a lovely project so I hope I can keep up with it. Good luck to you all LOL

    The Netherlands

  25. I think might have a go at this one! I am more of a knitter, but this will be a great charity afghan as well as a stash buster!

    Just hope I can figure out how to get back here & also get on Flickr

  26. Count me in….can’t wait to use up all those “little bits” I have. This will be the perfect scrap project.

  27. I’m in!! This is just what I have been looking for, a really and truly lovely project, where I am learning something new and getting rid of lots of bits of yarn.

  28. I’m in on this nice project and challenge. I love the result of the wool-eater pattern and this is a great way to get started.
    Hopefully i will keep up with the scheduled rows, but also like it that there is no need to follow the schedule that tide.
    Love to see and follow the other participants results.

    Greetings from Alice (in Hobbyland)

  29. I wanna play too!!! I decided this was going to be the year to really learn to crochet, ya know go beyond the two single crochet potholders I have made, and this was going to be the project to do it with. I’m just glad I found the CAL in time. Can’t wait to see how everyone’s wool eater turns out.

  30. Count me in please! I’ve resolved to do to CALs and two KALs this year and I can’t think of a better CAL to start with! I made a blanket just like this last year so my second time around whould be a lot of fun!

  31. Count me in too – I’ve wanted to do this for a while & have some wool I can start with (though I think I’ll need to buy some more) Off to join the Flickr group now!

  32. Just what i need to get me started on the blanket I have promised my son and his girlfriend for when they return from travelling in Feb 2013.

  33. excited about joining the CAL. Quick question though (and maybe someone has already asked) is this pattern in UK terms?

  34. OK. I also want to join in. My daughter saw the blanket and said: “WOW, mom i would like to have one”. This would be my first wool-eater.

  35. i’m a beginner, but I hope I’m not too late for joining this kal … I’ve never done this (sorry for my bad english)

  36. I put a picture on the Flickr page. My 4th row is very puffy – everything else turned out very well, but can’t seem to get Row 4 to lay flat! What am I doing wrong? I’ve gone over the directions several times & it always comes out the same – puffy & tight!

  37. I was kind of thinking I’d like to play, but I’ve just bought the granny square love book and am not sure I won’t just be totally intimidated by jumping into something more complex! That and the fact that I just bought a bunch of cheapo Double Knit and this calls for 8-ply. And I’m already late! Budget is tight. Hmm

  38. i am in !
    i am french and you ‘ll have to be patient with my english and forgive my mistakes !!!
    The poster is on my blog
    thanks for this beautiful pattern, i choosed the oblong blanket.
    I hope it will be a jumbo one, i wish it …

  39. Is it too late for me to join in? I see I’m already about a week behind, but I only just found out about this! In fact, I just finished my first Round Ripple in another afghan crochet-along, but it’s been so cold these days that I’d be happy to curl up with ANOTHER afghan, keeping warm AS I’M CROCHETING IT!! (0; This is a new pattern I’ve never tried before either, so it’s intriguing! I have tons of scrap yarn too, so using THAT up is another plus!! Let me know, and I’ll get started! Thanks!! ~tina

  40. What happens if you run out of yarn half way through a round? I have done 14 rounds, so far, and haven’t had this problem. I was just wondering if that interrupts the flow of the pattern.

  41. Thanks toTina (beansieleigh) I read aboutthis CAL. With a great niece due in June, I beleieve it’s time I started. Plus, the official start date was my borthdate so I guess it was meant to be.

  42. This looks like too much fun and a Great way for me to use up some of my wool.
    Thanks and I need to see what I can come up with.
    . so count me in..:)

  43. I just discovered this pattern and CAL today and I couldn’t help but join in! It’s my very first CAL! Have fun everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing what colors you all come up with!

  44. Bonjour !
    Wool-Eater is sooooooo attractive !! I would like to join this CAL. I go quickly to store e
    on flickr…. I try !!! :o) and try to catch up the delay…….
    Thank you for organising and sharing !!
    Bizz of Leelou de France

  45. I would love to join in, but I can’t find where to view them and to join in. Can someone help me with this please. Thank you in advance.

  46. I’d love to join in if you tell me how.! This will be fun! My husband will be so glad that I’ll be using up some stash. It’s taking over the house!

  47. I’d be glad to join in if you tell me how and my husband will be really happy for me to use all my stash cause its taking over all the house.

  48. I’m in! This looks like something I can do with my “tub” of donated yarn. What a nice charity blanket it will make.

  49. This seems like a great idea and I love the look of the pattern in the pictures so I’d like to also join in the fun. I’ll just have to dig up some yarn first :)

  50. I finally decided to join in the CAL to partly get rid of my stash. I chose the oblong version and already managed to crochet the first 7 rounds today :)

  51. Just found this project today, Feb 4th, and I’m already finishing round 2. Such fun! What a great way to use of scraps and combine the colors. An heirloom in progress.

  52. Just found this and I love the picture of the afghan. I’d like to join this, if it is not to late.


  53. I’m in. I love this pattern. I’ll be making a coverlet for my kingsize bed. I have 10 rounds completed so far. Will take a picture soon to share

  54. Dear Sarah,

    is this blanket working with acrylic yarn too? i have a pile of it and searching for the perfect pattern to use them. So – is it ok to use not wool blended yarn for this blanket?


  55. Daer Sarrah,

    is it ok to use acrylic yarn for this blanket? or is it only for woll?
    I have a pile of acrylic yarn and I’m looking for perfect pattern to use up for blanket.

  56. I just got a request from a cousin for a blanket for her two year old. I’ve been admiring the wool eater blankets I’ve seen and think I will join in!

  57. I’d LOVE to join – may I, at this late date? This is so compelling.

    Crochet was my first language and my fall back to comfort needlework.

  58. I started making this blanket about two weeks ago and am so glad I did. I saw the invitation to join the group and the tutorial. I am a slow learner but finally got the hang of it.

  59. I’m in — making an oblong wool-eater. Just used all my stash yarn (so I changed colors mid round … eek!) and now am buying yarn to finish it. I think I’m going to pick a solid color to finish it off (10-15 rounds on the outside of one color) since the inside is so scrappy .

  60. too late to join in? I have been practicing this stitch. I was not happy with my first result, so I ripped it all out! The gauge was all wrong. It was not square and too floppy!
    Start again tomorrow after a fresh nights sleep.

  61. Just found this site yesterday and started the blanket straingt away. Hope it´s not to late?

  62. Hi! I just happen upon your blanket and I must say that it is beautiful. Can you tell me where I may find a similar pattern so that I may try to do one for myself? Thank you and you did a beautiful job!!

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