A new board is ready and waiting to share your latest work!

I love the iCrochet community, it’s a global community, as you can see from the pie below.

We all have one common thread that ties us together . . . a love of crochet!

It really is a community, I’ve just checked and at the moment there’s 42 people visiting the iCrochet site. A special hello to the person in Charlotte, North Carolina who has been visiting for over 50 minutes. But that’s not uncommon, I’ve noticed that many visitors spend hours at a time on the site, going through the archives, looking for inspiration, soaking in the colour and the crochet, and that’s what it’s all about!

A big thank you to everyone who’s adding their link and sharing their crochet with the world!

P.S. Just between you and I, I’m wondering about the 30% unknown. If you’re visiting from a country not listed raise you hand!