Do you know Sia? She’s an Australian singer/songwriter. Her songs have featured in many a movie and also TV shows too.

She has a loverly (that’s how we spell lovely around here at the moment) voice but I’m loving her stage, just take a look at her stage, amazing or what! Decked out in granny square blankets and pom poms and stripes!

Giant multi-coloured poms spell out her name. Pom poms are all the rage at the moment, have you noticed, they are showing up everywhere!

I love the yarn bombing done on the mic stands too. So awesome, I love it all!

Must definitely put go to a Sia concert on my list of things.

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7 thoughts on “sia

  1. I’ve become familiar with her music through the House music genre. I love her voice too! It’s just.. so beautifully odd, and sometimes I can’t understand what she’s saying, but awesome all the same.

  2. We’ve seen Sia a couple of times, she’s amazing! The first time she had UV flower lights and opened with “Buttons” with her face covered with a florescent paper smiley face (worth a youtube search, I’m doing it no justice at all), but that doesn’t hold a candle to the crochet/pompom set!!

  3. OhMyBob – how crochet awesome is this! I also really like that cd blanket in the background of one of the photos – very creative use of color.

    I’ll go and check her music out on YouTube, thanks!

  4. I noticed that she had granny square blankets draped draped over the keyboard and amps? for her performance at the ARIA’s earlier this year. Glad to see it wasn’t a one-off decorating idea! Should be much more mixing of live music and handcrafts.

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