fresh & renewed

Christmas is over again for another year!

We spent a lovely Christmas night at my Dad’s.

Eat, drink and be merry was the order of the night!

My step Mum + step brother are both excellent cooks, the dishes were scrumptious!

In between eating, drinking and opening presents I did manage to snap a shot of Em in her gorgeous festive dress!

And that may be my husband in the background, rarely does he appear here on the blog!

We were all completely spoilt again this Christmas.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a new lot of Lego to build. My boys both love their Lego!

The new Spaces + Sweet Treats were waiting under the Tree for me.

Glitzy earrings + a pretty bangle too!

One of the gifts Emma gifted me was a beautiful heart pendant with one side engraved with Mum and the other side Daughter. As any of you with a 20 year old daughter may know things change as your children become young adults, when boyfriends are on the scene, busy social lives, work, Uni etc. All of a sudden before you’ve realized it your eldest is grown up, spending less time at home and any free time is spent with the Boyfriend! The last few months have been a little testing as we both adjust, so the thoughtfulness of her gift melted my heart.

We snapped it in half and no matter what we will always be connected!

Now also under the Tree with my name on it was an iPad.

I am absolutely loving it!!!

I’ve been installing plenty of Apps, Zinio for digital mags, Amazon Kindle for books and Apps to help keep me organized in 2011.

I’ve also just found one to keep all my recipes in one place and easily accessed. I’ve also given BlogPress a test run, I just have to work out how to adjust photos to the correct size. So, do you have any recommendations of excellent Apps that I should look at. My 16 year old also found an iPad under the Tree with his name on it, of course he has been installing games, games and more games!

Also any recommendations for Data Plans in Australia?

Oh and yes that is an Apple TV spotted in the photo, as I said we were very spoilt. I’m in love with it too, movies in an instant! We’ve spent the last few nights on the sofa with popcorn.

I also completely cleaned off my desk today! Clutter begone! Fresh, and ready for the New Year!

Are you making resolutions, grand plans for the New Year ahead, are you doing a little Spring cleaning and organizing, what’s happening in your world today?