When a profile pic is asked for my first reaction is arrrrgghh, I cringe! I’m not very photogenic and I prefer to be behind the lens, not in front of it.

But, today without further a do I donned on my granny square top, my darling daughter raced home from work in her break, we headed up the mountain and snapped a few quick shots, we had one hour and had to contend with the rain!

It began like this . . .

with me not looking very impressed about this whole photo thing . . .

then being silly . . .

and being serious . . .

hmmm, pasty white pins and veiny hands . . .

full body shot, tick . . .

Thank you to my gorgeous girl, she’s one in a million!

I’ve uploaded a few more of today’s pics over on Flickr!

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51 thoughts on “done!

  1. If you don’t KNOW you look fabulous – you need to have a another look in the mirror!! The sweater is fabulous too!

  2. Sarah,

    Are you kidding me? You are absolutely gorgeous…veiny hands indeed *LOL*. I wish I looked only half as good as you…and I also wish I had even a thimble full of your talent. I’m a crochet mad girl (well woman *L*) and I love crafting but you take it to a whole new level. Good on you for putting yourself out there for all the world to see…that takes guts. I’m a little like you, I don’t like to show too much of myself to the world. Sarah, keep up the amazing work that you do, the world needs much, much more of the colour and life that you put out there.

    By the way, I love it when a Sarah London email drops into my inbox, I’m always so eager to see what you are up to.

    Love the pics…and the work…thank you so much.


    Shelley (Gold Coast)

  3. great work – i love your sweater! and i love the pics from you – you look fabulous! fantastic and all together is really great!
    greetings – gudrun

  4. Both you and your daughter looks wonderful. Your sweater is the most beautiful, and it looks great on you. Thin and fit like a 20-year old, I really have to start working out!!!

  5. Just love your pics. You look stunning in the sweater. I never knew that granny squares could look so beautiful put together that way. Now aren’t you glad you had those fabulous photos taken? I am.

  6. Sarah – you and your daughter are both beautiful! Thanks for finally letting us see what you look like!

  7. What are you on about??? Not photogenic indeed!!!! You look amazing woman. You really really do. Stunning! Thanks for sharing. x

  8. I absolutely love your use of color!! You look like a walking rainbow. :-)
    I think you’re very photogenic and take beautifull pics. Your daughter is just as gorgeous. :-)

  9. We know something about beautiful women here in Denmark – and believe me – you are a very beautiful woman. …. And then I’m crazy about the red shoes to match your nice sweater. :-)

  10. Your beautiful crochet top looks very ‘designer’, you wear it beautifully, and not everyone could do that. They are just lovely photos of you and your daughter. You look more relaxed as the photos go on. I do love your new ‘hair-cut-style’ on you, very much.

    Honestly, as always, your crochet talent has me gobsmacked at times.

  11. They are all awesome!!! Great colors! And I don’t know how you are going to pick!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  12. You look pretty darn good to me!!!!!!!!! Great pics (and it’s nice to put a face with the fabulous crochet)!!!!! Thanks!

  13. Why do you scape?! You, your sweter, the place, the weather….all togheter look absolutely fantastic. You’re a beatuful lady , Sarah, young, elegant, …why behind de lents? Your daugther is very pretty too. As her mum….kisses from Bs. As. and thanks for sharing these nice photos.

  14. Sarah :; Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look absolutely gorgeously gorgeous, both you and your delicious granny jumper.
    Such beauty and glamour all rolled into one.
    Lots of love to you
    Luce xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Hi! sorry about my English, but I try, I love you’re granny sweater it looks fresh, and colorfull it’s really beautiful, thanks for share you’re ideas, regards from México

  16. Wow mother and daughter I think your photos are beautiful, and the crochet sweater is fabulous,I love the way you have done the big bright granny squares your eyes and mouth remind me of Greta Garbo you wont remember her
    .best wishes
    Enid just moved to Tasmania

  17. What a nice sweater! It looks great on you! Don’t be shy for that camera, you look great! Thanks for the everyday inspiration!!!
    xxx Evy

  18. Sarah!! Your sweater is absolutely beautiful!!! Wonderful! so full of color! I like it a lot! I’d like to crochet one for myself, can I take your idea?
    A big hug from Argentina!

  19. Absolutely Gorgeous!! You Ladies are—FABULOUS!!
    i love the granny square top. there were some pics of granny square outfits in the British magazine “Inside Crochet” and when i found those pics online they had some harsh comments. Almost everyone on that post HATED the granny-square inspirations but not me. what a great reinvention and totally MODERN!
    Thank you for showing to everyone how fabulous it looks (and you in it:)

  20. There is nothing so simple and yet so much fun as making granny squares and putting them together. I love your top!!!!!!!

  21. Sarah your top looks wonderful. I simply love your designs and the colours you use, so vibrant.

    As for your looks, I have to agree 100% with the comments made so far. You look lovely, you have an air of elegance about you. A bit like Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall or Honor Blackman. You’ll always look fab :)

    It’s easy to see where your daughter get her stunning looks from

  22. I love it and you look great in it – wonder if I could pull this off:) We move from Brisbane to Melbourne of Canberra in a year :)

  23. I have not seen a series of pictures that are so sparkling with life for a very very long time. What an exuberantly colorful jacket, what a beautiful woman wearing, what a talented photographer to capture the scene for us. Thank you so much for sharing your combined talents with your readers/viewers!

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