delicate and lacy

❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊  ❊

September’s Hip to Hook is available now, with a delicate and lacy theme!

Make a doily pillow, hook a lacy edge on a handkerchief or two and my latest bloom, the floppy flower, perfect for embellishing any outfit!

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One thought on “delicate and lacy

  1. your creativity is off the hook, i love everything that you have created, and i am going to try and incorporate some of them into my home, whenever i visit your web page it put’s a smile on my face.

    thank you
    forever a fan

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