more organisation

More on organistaion today! How do you store all the essentials?

At the moment I’m using a Nutrimetics beauty case.

In it you’ll find a multitude of varying sized crochet hooks in many colours.

Also scissors + needles. I have the tortoise shell scissors in it at the moment, plus two large eyed wool needles for weaving in the ends. Yes, two, just in case one goes missing!

Then there’s a tape measure and pens. Two pens ’cause what’s the bet if I only kept one pen in there, it would run out of ink,

and also a hair clip and bobby pins, which I use for stitch markers.

Then in the other compartment I store colour charts, patterns, paper etc.

All essentials in one place, portable and accessible too! bonus!

Oh, and there’s also a tube of hand cream in there too, must keep hands moisturised whilst working with fibers!