living in twenty ten

Although I don’t have a list of ‘new year’ resolutions there are ‘things’ that I’ve made note of mentally, of things, like ‘to’ dust of my guitar and start strumming again, that I’d like to ‘do’ this year. It’s been a while, I think the last time I ‘played’ was back in the late 80′s! Here’s a snapshot from this afternoon, just going through the chords, minus three strings mind you, it’s all coming back to me thank goodness. First thing tomorrow it’s straight to the music shop to purchase a set of new strings!

You may have noticed over in the sidebar a link to my Nutrimetics website, it all started with the two products below. I fell in love with them this Summer and carry them in my handbag everyday. With me it’s all or nothing, so in twenty ten I’m now a Nutrimetics Consultant!

The lipsticks are heavenly too, I love a nice red, if you’d like to treat your-self to a new lipstick or nail polish or anything else for that matter, then pop over and take a squiz, if you have any questions then you can email me directly from the site.

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3 thoughts on “living in twenty ten

  1. Sarah, the photo is beautiful, and the black & white enhances it even more. By the way, love the handbag.

    Now you are a consultant as well. I hope it is a very successful venture for you.

    You are such a busy bee, how can you squeeze any more into your day. But you give us enjoyment by sharing with us your busy busy days and the loveliness they produce.

  2. Gorgeous photo of you and your guitar. Decided I was going to learn to play the guitar and bought myself one for Easter last year. Really must get it out of the box – you’ve inspired me! Happy Strumming!!!!

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